Spring cleaning my mind. Just that it’s not spring season anymore.

I’ve had a crazy month what with working, studying, trying to maintain a fitness regime and surviving. If you had asked me what my daily schedule was 5-6 years back, I would have said something that would have been heard once and forgotten the next day. I feel like juggling different challenges in life is preparing me for a whole new, better life. So I’ve decided to spring clean my mind, just that’s it’s summer already. But then I don’t think I need to allocate a particular time in the year to do this task. Without further ado, here’s a list of what I’ve been doing as part of my spring cleaning routine:

1) Eating healthy: I can’t believe how much my food habits have challenged within the last few months. I’ve always been the person who would cook healthy but also binged heavily on junk food. To make things worse, I have a sweet tooth which is basically asking for early-onset diabetes. So ever since I’ve started working out, it has reformed my diet to another level. These days, I mostly consume a healthy dose of protein with lots of vegetables and yes, I still have a sweet tooth that craves a little cheat snack every day. I’m working on reducing the frequency of consuming such snacks but for now I think I’m making progress. I just have to continue maintaining this habit (which is the real challenge).

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2) Working out: Yes folks, believe it or not, what they say about building and maintaining a fitness regime is true. I’ve just started 2 months back to be honest and it really does discipline you in ways you can’t imagine. For me, it helped me reform my dietary habits and gives me better focus to prioritise and accomplish my daily tasks. I always asked myself why I felt like I had such an unstructured lifestyle. The answer was partly because I didn’t have any physical activity apart from working a mile everyday. Being a doctor naturally interferes my schedule time and again. What I realised though, amidst all the chaos, fitness has still helped me structure my very unstructured and unpredictable schedule. I try to make it 4 times in a week but sometimes I lag behind and go may be just twice or thrice. Weekdays are too hectic for me at the present so I try to compensate for it on the weekend.


3) Learning: I can’t help but quote the words of the former Indian president Abdul Kalam “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” We often get trapped into this vicious, monotonous cycle of working and getting household stuff done, that we hardly realise how our brain is undergoing atrophy through such a monotonous routine that it craves food for itself. No I don’t mean eggs even though eggs are great for the brain. I mean learning. This is a habit I once inculcated at some point of my live but in the process of adapting to a work schedule, I just let it take a step back. It’s something I’ve started again recently and my brain feels sharper than ever. Try to learn about whatever it is that captures your attention. At the moment, I’m learning more on subject matter related to my field but none of this ever goes to a waste. Of course applying the stuff you’ve learned is even more efficient. Nevertheless, you’ll thank yourself 50 years down the line (and potentially delaying the dreadful process of Dementia).

4) Keeping contact with loved ones: I talk to my closest ones (my parents) almost everyday. It usually doesn’t have to be long but it makes a small or a big difference, depending on where you are you in your life. For them, it’s just a feeling of security that I’m doing fine and for me, it’s a piece of family I get to experience everyday despite living on another continent.

Have you started spring cleaning your mind? If not, it’s never too late.

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