Where are you from? Why does your last name sound different?

This it more often than not, one of the first questions one encounters as a foreigner in a new country (the first question anyways). I’ve gotten a bit tired of explaining because I’ve just lived for long periods of time on 3 different continents and 4 different countries that I can’t really identify myself with... Continue Reading →


So you want to learn a foreign language?

As a person I recently met pointed out to me that I seem to have an ear for languages, much like some folks who have an ear for music or an eye for creativity or fashion. I can’t quite explain how it works but I think it can be partly attributed to the fact that... Continue Reading →

5 things I don’t exactly like about Germany

1. The restrained atmosphere: I feel like somehow Germans could profit from imbibing the warmth of the cultures closer to the Equator (for eg. the latin american culture) and their love para la vida! An air of restraint and reservedness seems to constantly linger that people from warmer countries certainly would have a harder time... Continue Reading →

Dinkel Vollkorn Pasta…come again?

For some reason I've been very restless the whole day today, partly because it's only going to be a half-weekend for me (thanks to the 12-hour Sunday shift I have tomorrow). So I followed by usual routine: went to the gym, read a bit (I'm currently reading The Apartment by S.L. Grey - highly recommended... Continue Reading →

Language goals

For all my linguaphiles out there, I have to admit, I've been lagging big time in this department. For those of you who aren't aware of my affinity  or rather zeal for learning languages, it all started in High School. Even though I learnt a bit of Spanish and French in middle school, the difficulty... Continue Reading →

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