Your journey to the Queen’s land, Part 1: IELTS

Now that I'm done with the entire process, I will discuss the route for doctors aspiring to work in the UK in the new few posts. To keep it very simple and concise, the steps you need to follow are: 1. IELTS/OET (UKVi Academic) 2. PLAB 1 3. PLAB 2 4. GMC Registration 5. GMC... Continue Reading →


Isn’t the same old caste divide getting a bit old now?

As promised in my last post, I would like to shed some personal views on the much prevalent caste system that hasn't spared any part of the country. This has to be a very alien concept of discrimination to most people who aren't Indian. For the very reason that it is exactly that: alien, primitive... Continue Reading →

India’s shortcomings simplified.

For a country that has attained its independence in just over 70 years, India seems to be progressing at a very incredible pace, at least on an economic note. India's age demographic and how this young workforce contributes to the country's GDP often makes for a stimulating conversation among the Economists all over the world.... Continue Reading →

Where have you disappeared?

Hello folks! I'm sorry I haven't written a post in like a decade. I've been quite busy with a lot of stuff (mostly pertaining to my career) but I'm finally on a 5 week vacation, which I very badly needed. 2-3 weeks prior to my vacation I was beginning to feel burned out and felt... Continue Reading →

Bring on the inspiration and happiness :-)

I watched another supposedly inspirational movie today called Hector and the search for happiness. I think it's the male version of Julia Roberts in Eat,Pray,Love. The movie itself wasn't extraordinary like some of my favourites (Shawshank Redemption, Seven pound etc) but it prompted me to ask myself the question: what is happiness? what makes you... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk old people!

Why you may ask? Well I'm currently posted in Geriatrics (and will continue in this ward for the next 4-5 months) and before I was posted in this specialty, I naturally had all sorts of prejudices and thought I’d absolutely hate it like many other residents do. I mean the whole idea of having to... Continue Reading →

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