Spring cleaning my mind. Just that it’s not spring season anymore.

I've had a crazy month what with working, studying, trying to maintain a fitness regime and surviving. If you had asked me what my daily schedule was 5-6 years back, I would have said something that would have been heard once and forgotten the next day. I feel like juggling different challenges in life is... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk old people!

Why you may ask? Well I'm currently posted in Geriatrics (and will continue in this ward for the next 4-5 months) and before I was posted in this specialty, I naturally had all sorts of prejudices and thought I’d absolutely hate it like many other residents do. I mean the whole idea of having to... Continue Reading →

Finding the partner of your life. Easy? NOT

So I dedicate this blog post to my friend Nikhita , who wanted me to shed some light on this very important issue that people often don’t like to talk about. I'm far from achieving this milestone and definitely unqualified to talk on this matter nevertheless, I've included the experiences and opinions of people I've... Continue Reading →

5 things I don’t exactly like about Germany

1. The restrained atmosphere: I feel like somehow Germans could profit from imbibing the warmth of the cultures closer to the Equator (for eg. the latin american culture) and their love por la vida! An air of restraint and reservedness seems to constantly linger that people from warmer countries certainly would have a harder time... Continue Reading →

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